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Let's talk Mandy

I know a girl worth following. She has a story to tell, and don't let her youth fool you. This girl has lived, loved, lost and healed. And by healed, I mean not in the cured sense necessarily but in the way love can heal all wounds. 

It's gonna be hard for me to write this post without shedding a few tears. And honestly, I'm not really interested in sharing her whole story. I just wanna celebrate her moments. 

Like her second soon to release album.. 'love knows' - It's out this month!

Check her out at the Basement in Saskatoon on Nov 14th opening for Zachary Lucky

And why not add her site to your blogroll...

I've known this lovely for years, mourned with her through the loss of a sister and mother. Watched her smile thru rounds of cancer treatment, and never ever give up on hope. She's the most positive role model in my life and spending time with her will only increase your own life's joy. Talk about turning lemons in lemonade. This girl invented that! 


Got time for some Q & A...

Tammy: Mandy, what's your favourite thing to cook this fall?

Mandy: I love cooking and canning anything that was one of my mom's classic things... stuffed zucchini, pickles, relish, pie and I am double lucky when I get to share it with my dad and brother's while I taking them supper in the field.

T: Book your reading?

M: I read a lot of historical fiction. It makes me appreciate how difficult things were back then. In particular for women and how free we can be now. 

T: Fav time of day?

M: when the sun is coming up in the morning. I'll go out and sit on my deck, which faces East, and it's calm. I think this is totally awesome, my soul is happy. I also enjoy sitting out in the evening about 9 and watching the moon. 

T: Music on your phone

M: Holly Williams! Her voice is so raw and believable, I just love her and the stories she tells

T: fav way to unwind...

M: I spoil myself with a massage, but a good glass of wine and my guitar are tied with that.

xo love ya girl. 

All images by Tammy of Boehmer Photography

Strong, Shiny Hair

It's a...

It's a...