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Halloween Traditions

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As I sit down to write, Mr. Bones (a huge skeleton) is being dragged down the hall by my son, there are empty candy wrappers at my desk and costume wigs on the dresser - evidence that Halloween has just past.  I've always loved celebrating Halloween and I have my family to thank for it.  Looking through photo albums I spot the intricate handmade costumes my Mom would make, pumpkin carvings we did with my Dad and our huge smiles standing next to our pillow cases brimming with treats.  It's evident that my love for this holiday started very early.  I've been looking at the world through my child's eyes, and because of this, I've enjoyed Halloween and all the holidays that much more.  We spent this Halloween making memories and carving out new traditions.

Stuffing candy bags, making costumes and carving pumpkins were fun ways to welcome the holiday.  Monster dance parties while decorating our home were an added bonus.

My son is a pretty lucky little dude to have such a talented Nana.  She makes him theme cakes and cookies all the time, but these Halloween ones were his favourite.  Holding the witch hat on top of his head and cackling made them that much more fun.  With home made goodness like this, who needs candy bars?

So what to do with the bag full of sugary treats that he rounded up this year?  The obvious would be to eat them while he sleeps.  I mean, he's only two....  Instead, I recalled my friend and client, Melissa, telling me that her daughters do a trade for something they've really been wanting.  It teaches children currency (in this case chocolate bars and lollipops), and that we don't need all that candy.  It was simple.  My son has had his eyes on a giant Thor toy for some time.  We allowed him to choose a few favourites to keep and he traded the rest for Thor.  It was "easy" because he's only two, but I have a good feeling that starting this early will make each year following just as simple.  Makes some calls and deliver treat bags to children who are not able to take part in trick or treating.  It's rewarding and teaches your children about sharing.  Call first and ask about nut allergies, etc.  We purchased some halloween stickers and pencils to include as well.

What would a Halloween post be without some costume photos?  My son wore both his Clark Kent and knight costume this weekend.  I bounced between a black cat (so original) and this Karl Lagerfeld costume.  We saw some incredible costumes out and about this weekend.  What did you dress as? 

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Until next year........

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