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Welcome to our blog. We're ten girls documenting our adventures in #yxe. Hope you have a nice stay!

Meet Our Collective Muse

If, like Henry Ford once said, "coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success," then Our Collective Muse deserves to pop some champagne. Since April of 2014, we twelve ladies have been happily blogging together, taking turns to shed our individual perspectives on the many beautiful things we enjoy in life: family, style, food, DIYs, beauty tips, travel, and anything else that serves to delight us. We've enjoyed connecting with readers who have those same passions, and we've also been able to build a really special friendship together, getting to know one another in a way that only teamwork can inspire. It's actually kind of amazing that twelve busy ladies all make the time for the planning meetings, socials, and for each other's events. And speaking of getting together, we did just that the other day for our first official group photo, which we're excited to share with you today! Edited by our own Desiree Martin and photographed by Karly Woolsey, the shoot took place at The Heights-- a gorgeous resto-bar above Saskatoon's beloved Bottega on 2nd Ave, and we girls simply had a ball together. We hope it shows! 


Now, complete with glamourpuss headshots by our ever-gifted Karyn Kimberley, we'd like you to meet the twelve girls whose musings make up the Collective.

Desiree is a mother to her beautiful son Kai and wife to her caring husband Amery. When she isn’t dressing her son (and husband) up in all the current fashions and exploring the world with Kai, her other passion is photography. Desiree is the owner of Desiree Martin Photography and enjoys freezing time for her clients to cherish forever. Desiree is gold obsessed, a thrill seeker, loves hip hop, jewelry HOARDER, DIY project enthusiast, fashionista, latte lover and documentary watcher.
Erin is a Saskatchewan fashion photographer, travel lover, lip stick addict. Explorer, dreamer, lover of light - with the whole wide world revolving around her three year old princess!
This busy momma of two, almost three littles (any day now), is one hard working woman. Jocelyn is the creative face behind deMo Photography and one of the leading ladies of Mes Amis Studios. Lover of life and all things beautiful. She is inspired by fashion, mother nature, creative people, architecture, bright white spaces, organic surroundings and music. When Joc isn’t working, she’s smiling and spending time with her husband and 2 & 4 year olds. She’s a passionate dreamer, go-getter, practical thinker, wine drinker coffee lover and shoe addict.
As a photographer, Karyn loves capturing the beauty of the everyday, fashion editorials and food styling. When she’s not busy snapping photos or chasing after her fun-loving toddler, you can find her at her Italian eatery, Bottega Trattoria, her newest endeavour, The Heights or updating her client’s social media accounts. Home is wherever her energetic son, loving husband and two fluffy doodles are. What fills her heart? Kitchen dance parties, river walks, travel and the sweet sound of her son’s laughter.
Kelsi is enjoying several ‘news’ in her life. She is a newlywed, new boutique owner, recent university graduate, and new to her career as a speech therapist. Kelsi enjoys travel, fashion, beauty, and making people laugh.
Kim’s perspective is simple, “consider whether you would regret not doing something.” Such a philosophy has influenced this HR Professional’s recent decision to accept a new endeavor in Vancouver. When grounded, she can be found at her acreage alongside her significant other and their French bulldogs, Sophie and Poppy. Kim is inspired by her family and friends and is grateful for those moments in life that matter most. She loves reinventing old traditions, interior design, entertaining, impromptu adventures, mellow tunes and fashion.
A professional make up artist for over ten years, Lisa absolutely adores her job and her clients. From make up applications and lessons in her studio to work on runway and television sets, she loves it all. Her favorite past times are simple - anything that involves her family, friends, music, and a nice glass of vino.
You’ll often find Lisa with a camera in her hands. She absolutely loves being a full-time photographer. She loves to cook, adores her family and has a soft spot for animals. It’s the simple things in her life that make her happy and Sunday is her favorite day of the week.
A fashion stylist since before the term was known to the world, Maygen Kardash has never been a girl of convention. Whether it’s touring in rock bands, spending two seasons as Field Producer on City TV’s Nightclub Confidential, being a Brownie Leader, or taking on the role of E-Commerce Manager at Spareparts, hers is a fun life that springs out of just saying “yes”. Now expecting her first little one with her husband Tyler, Maygen is excited for her next big adventure - motherhood!
Roxanne loves to entertain, travel and explore. While working at her boutiques (online - and brick & mortar - tonic) she drags her lovely family (handy hubby, three sons, daughter and puppy) along for the adventure
If she’s not at her cute little office at The Two Twenty you might find Susan practicing yoga, walking by the river, vintage-shopping or playing with an organic whole foods recipe in her kitchen. What moves her soul? The arts... especially music. So she created Susan Busse PR to collaborate with festivals, bands, solo musicians and some etrepreneurs to craft their public image and tell their stories to media across Canada. With a finance degree from the U of S, she sits on the Board of SaskMusic as a Treasurer. Through her work with CST Consultants Inc she’s honoured to help parents give children the gift of a lifetime - education savings. Most importantly, she loves spending time with family, friends and clients.
Tammy loves to spend time with tea in hand, reading Porter’s latest issue. When she’s in work mode you’ll find her all over this fine city documenting people, and hosting workshops at Mes Amis Studios on Sundays. She’s no virgin to networking, and has built a business by making friends and working hard. The real key to her heart? Three little kiddos and their giant kisses, along with an incredible hubby. And the rare moment she has to herself is spent in meditation and possibly pilates.

And what's an OCM gathering without a few selfies....


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