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A Girl, A Horse


My mom lost her father when she was 10 years old to lung cancer. Its as sad and tragic as it sounds. I can only imagine how hard it was to lose a father and I think my mom found comfort in animals.  Her mother Edna (my Nana) soon remarried a wonderful man named Jim (always known to me as my Grandpa) and he bought my mom her first horse.  I think she was probably the happiest kid ever. 



I remember being eight years old…. and my mom wanted us to share in the same joys she did as a child, so naturally we searched and found our forever horse "Pal" from Sandhill stables.  He was about 5 years old when we brought him home… which makes him approximately 35 years old in the present day. He's happy, healthy (showing his age)… but still, he's happy and we love him.  He is our Pal. Ironically he kinda looks like my mom's first horse. 


Here in these photos above, I hold my mom's first english saddle from Wales. 


Pal will follow you everywhere… If you have treats of course. 


Sometimes I like to burry my face into his coat. I love his smell… his warmth. He nuzzles right back.  Imagine your own faithful dog… and times his size by 500. You'll get Pal. He's like a big dog, he follows you around and yes he loves all treats. 


Pal was always a bit of a stubborn horse with me. I remember doing barrel racing with him and he WOULD NOT go fast for me. It took me 1 minute and 17 seconds to get around 3 barrels. Average time should be…oh… 30 seconds. lol

Still can you get mad at this face. 


I love being a city girl….but I'm a total prairie girl at heart…which is why I love hanging out with my horse Pal and of course shopping at Farminista. 


All clothing provided by Farminista and Tonic

All Images by Boehmer Photography

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