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The simple things

Long have I loved following fashion and lifestyle blogs.  When I think back, Sydney Poulton's, The Daybook Blog, was one of the first blogs I started to really follow.  She's a beautiful and stylish Mother of two that I continue to follow today.  I adore her posts and photography.  She is creative, witty and real.  One of my favorite posts she did was a little fill in the blanks style post.  I saved it and began filling it out every few months since I became a Mother.  

It's seems so simple and has been a lot of fun to look back on over the years since my son was born.  It doesn't take a lot of time and can include things that our visual journals (photos upon photos) don't always capture.  I choose to fill mine in on random days, not on special occasions, and really record the everyday of life.  Because when we look back, that's the important stuff.  It's the simple things - the smell of my baby's toes, his giggles and everyday musings.  His interests change about as fast as he is growing right now, so it's nice to see all the things he's been obsessed with from month to month.  When I read them, I know exactly what was going on and when.  With a growing toddler, entries include the sentimental, humorous and even disastrous.  I encourage those of you who don't have the time for regular journal entries to give this a try.  Here's my October entry and a few photos to go along with it.  My entries to date have always been about N, but today I share about the both of us.  

Making: race tracks and clay Christmas ornaments with my son.  Yes, I know, it isn’t even Halloween yet. 

Cooking: roasted harvest veggies - thankful for my parents and Kim’s plentiful gardens.  And a side of Annie's organic Mac n Cheese for the boy who could eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner if he had it his way.

Drinking: Starbucks Apple Chai infusion – it’s autumn in a cup.  N still loves his kale coconut smoothies

Reading: anything to do with "supa hewoes", "opimus pwime" and "powa wangers".  I'm loving,   ”Why My Kid is Crying” and laughing so hard I have tears

Wanting: health and happiness for family and friends.  He's wanting Hot Wheels and to fly.

Looking: out the window at the big moving trucks and "naked trees".  I'm staring at his “More than all the stars” print by Hello Tosha Design.  I love everything she creates!   

Playing: in the leaves together, super heroes and with kenetic sand (whoever created this is an absolute genius).

Sewing: halloween costumes but usually nothing more than a loose button

Wishing: these days could last forever

Enjoying: kitchen dance parties, holding his hand while we walk, listening to his daily observations and the time I get to spend with him

Liking: gold home accents, especially my gold wishbone.  He's attached to Spidey, Hot Wheels and his baby (named after his little nephew)  

Wondering: what he’ll be like as a young man.  And if he'll stop running to take a glorious 3 hour nap.

Loving: our family. The autumn weather and colours.

Hoping: the sun shines (I'm photographing my beautiful friend Lisa Hallam and her gorgeous family today) 

Marveling: at his brilliant mind and creative energy.  A day doesn’t go by that I’m not completely bursting at the seams with love for him.

Needing: a little more sleep

Smelling: fresh flowers on my desk.  Thanks Mom! 

Wearing: statement necklaces and studded flats (while I still can) He's wearing the tiniest skinny jeans and camo high tops

Following: numerous design and photographic talents on Instagram.  What an incredible, inspirational community.  He's following our dogs everywhere with hugs.

Noticing: his long lashes and perfect pout while he sleeps... and that pile of laundry that needs some attention.  It can wait.

Knowing: how incredibly fortunate we are

Thinking: how time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Opening: a lovely parcel

Giggling: more than I ever have


A quick note before I sign off.... The Thanksgiving weekend is here and I'm looking forward to some quality family time, sunshine and rest.  There is so much I am thankful for, from my healthy and happy little ball of energy, my loving, hard working and totally positive husband to my supportive and incredible family and friends.  The list goes on...  I'm also thankful for the OCM girls.  Each has brought their unique and sparkling personalities to our meetings, friendships and blog.  They inspire me, challenge me and make me laugh til it hurts.  Blogging has been an excellent way for us to get to know each other better and to utilize our creative energy collectively.  It takes some planning to carve out time for this in our busy lives, but it's totally worth it.  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  

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