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DIY kids minecraft costume

Halloween deserves parents either a week off prior to prepare, or afterwards to recover. I am only now understanding why everyone warned against three kids. No I'd never regret it, but I may pay for it! 

Let's talk costumes. So I got away with one hand-me-down Lalaloopsy (thank you Lisa!), one boughten cowboy, and my oldest son wanted to be a Minecraft Creeper. For those of you who don't know what that is...

Bam. How do I make this...?

Start with one box - approx the size of your kiddos bike helmet. You can find many printables for the pixelated green creeper 'skin'.. Tape it all together and move onto the shirt.

shirt list: plain white T, fabric paint in green and grey, tape and a painter sponge/brush

Super easy to involve the kids in this project, and if you have a laid back guy like my Jack - he's pretty cool with the little imperfections.

And finally the pick ax. This was great cause I already had everything on hand! Printer/ink/foamcore (from an old photograph)/and glue! Here is the pick ax printable I used.

I'd love to end with a few of my favourite things from around the web...

2015 food calendar by Sweet Fine Day

Poppytalk pumpkin crate

100 Layer Cake-let Pumpkin pancake recipe. Will someone please come over and make these for me!! 


baby essentials - part 1

baby essentials - part 1

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