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creativity; who where when why

Where do you create? I picked up a magazine today, Uppercase, and got inspired. It asked me to 'make your own manifesto', and a million questions ran thru my mind. 

first being, what is a manifesto? thanks wikipedia... 

and there was this BIG BLANK page staring me in the face. Anyone else feel pressure at times like this? Pressure to make something amazing on that page. State something no one else ever has! I certainly do. As you can see, the page is still blank. 

I thought about myself.

Where am I when I get new ideas? bathtub//bathroom

Why? because the bathroom is often the only place I am alone in an entire day

What are my most creativity inducing magazines? Uppercase, Porter , Papier Mache 

When? there is quiet, when I can listen to my internal voice, when it's just me and God

Who inspires me? I don't think it's specific people so much as many people and their many ideas. Possibly one word that was said and it struck me with an idea. 

So how does one sum up a 'manifesto'?

tell me, what do you need to create? 

hair and movement have been inspiring me as of late

hair and movement have been inspiring me as of late

photos by Tammy Zdunich of Boehmer Photography and her iPhone//canon mark lll

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