My Passion For Fashion!

Fashion, art, interior design, architecture… I love all of it. What an amazing thing it is to be creative and have the ability to showcase expression through all of these different avenues- that is what I get to do in my career! I am so intrigued by the way that all of these things also play of of each other. Trends in colours, lines, styles and patterns come through in each facet and compliment one another so beautifully. 



From Mark Wahlberg and the Playboy Mansion to Podcasting in Saskatoon: My Interview with The Charis Report

Charis Hogg is a rockstar. From interviewing Mark Wahlberg to being a guest at the Playboy Mansion, it’s safe to say I’m honoured, and a bit wowed that I get to call Charis Hogg one of my very good friends. I have wanted to introduce Charis to the Our Collective Muse readership for months. Why? Charis produces a weekly podcast called The Charis Report, right here in Saskatoon, and I know our Our Collective Muse readers will love listening to it.