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Erin tied the knot!

Hello OCM readers! Erin here. So... it's been a little over two months since me and my man got hitched. It's been a daze of a summer for us, and I realized I am a little behind on sharing a look at our big day. It was to say the least, one of the best day of my life. As it should be right? 

Easter Basket Goodies for Little Bunnies

With Easter just over a week away, I thought it would be fun to compile a post of cute ideas to include in your little one's Easter basket, besides the usual suspects: chocolate bunnies and mini eggs.  I have always loved this holiday, but am particularly excited for Easter 2017, as it is Bella's first Easter.  I asked my friend Lindsay and my friend/blog mate Maygen to join in on the fun.  

Why you NEED a personal stylist in your life and how it’s actually GOOD for your budget

Every morning I look in my closet. Sigh. I have nothing to wear. I try a few things on together and mutter does this even look good? Kid starts to get fussy. I’m running late. It’s good enough. Does that sound familiar? That’s me almost every morning. I’ve always thought it would be SO great to hire a stylist but never made the time. Well, this past week I had K-Lyn with Je Suis Style come into my home and assess my wardrobe and I am SO glad I did.  

Storing Jewellery, Beautifully

Chunky statement pieces and long-chained necklaces are staples for accessory lovers of late, but it seems like jewellery boxes just haven't kept up to the changing shape of fashion. Plus, I find the gems I do keep stored away are also kept out of mind, and out of rotation. My own jewellery set-up is ever-changing and though its evolution has been positive, I wanted to peek into the minds of OCM accessory mavens Desiree Martin and Jocelyn deMoissac for their display ideas. And because I can't be the only person hoping to elevate my jewellery's life whilst waiting to be worn, I thought we could get inspired together. So, let's.  

The Best-Dressed List: SFDF Runway 2016

We're still buzzing from last night's Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival Runway event. Not only were the showcased collections progressive and wearable and the marketplace so darn shopable (can I please own every Soulfari crystal piece please?) but the crowd was lookin' fine in the beautiful Bess Hotel. We simply couldn't help but put together a best-in-show fashion post of the attendees. And although we missed a few stylish folks seen from afar because it's slower going navigating through a mingling crowd (we're looking at you, distant lady in the silver brocade miniskirt), we managed to corner and photograph some well-dressed people with a unique sense of style.   

SFDF Runway Rundown: The Conferences, The Workshops, and (of course) The Shows

It's year five for the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival and this weekend's Runway event seems the perfect toast to the anniversary. Taking place at the historic Bessborough Hotel, Runway will preview collections from fifteen local designers and shops in a fashion feast that will have you holding your head up high for being even peripherally involved in the dynamic Saskatoon scene. Add to that the talents of digital artist Carrie Gates, music by The Gaff, and the ambiance of Pro Plus Productions, and you've got a spectacle. But there's more to this weekend than the big 7pm shows-- you'll also have an opportunity to shop the designers' wares via a pop-up shop called Marketplace. And perhaps most exciting for all you do-ers out there are the amazing talks and workshops running that feature some top names in the biz with topics like branding, communications and marketing, merchandising, styling, photography, modeling, and design. This is a truly immersive festival that can either simply entertain you (which is great, bring on the fun!) or offer education in the exciting and vast career field of style (also great, bring on the opportunities!). So without further ado, here is the complete rundown of the upcoming SFDF weekend, all taking place at the beautiful Delta Bessborough Hotel.