Where we are now!

What's great about this sisterhood? Our mutual love and respect for each other. Our not so frequent as we would like meetings are more then just a meeting. They're a ground for unloading our heavy days and discussing our sometimes heavy lives, our current goals and passions and just being there for one another.  That girls can come and move forward in their journeys and that bond just doesn't break. We miss em, we love em, they're the OCM OG's. 

Back to School with Banjo

As the mom of three boys, I am always shopping to find back to school clothing and accessories that are both stylish, as well as local to Saskatoon. It has often been a bit of a challenge to find a one stop shop where we can get everything we need, rather than running around for hours searching! This year we went to Banjo Outpost downtown and found everything we needed (and more)!

Coworking at The Two Twenty

I joined The Two Twenty community a few years ago when Lux Events outgrew my home office and I can’t imagine not working there. As a small business owner, the networking and support system is so valuable to me and is something you just don't find when you work by yourself or with a few staff. 

camping + work

My kids are growing far too fast for my liking. So this year I decided to be a bit selfish with my calendar and we spent a lot of time at the lake camping. I've also got this voice in the back of my head telling me to "slow down and enjoy my babies".

Get The Look | Your Dream Kitchen Makeover!

As the reality of winter is rolling in, by human nature we begin to “nest” as we prepare for the upcoming cooler seasons. We begin to think about the indoors and what that space feels like to be in. We start to plan for the various ways that we can make everyday life a bit more enjoyable, comfortable, user friendly, and ultimately mare convenient. As the kitchen is one place where we spend most of our time during the cooler months of the year, it jumps to the height of the priority list. Here we love to cook up a storm, entertain our friends, spend quality time with our family’s, and most of all, eat our delicious food! 

Erin tied the knot!

Hello OCM readers! Erin here. So... it's been a little over two months since me and my man got hitched. It's been a daze of a summer for us, and I realized I am a little behind on sharing a look at our big day. It was to say the least, one of the best day of my life. As it should be right?