The Simple Things - Revisited

More than a few years ago I contributed a reflective post titled, The Simple Things.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  A journal of sorts, intended to capture the everyday joys of life, my hopes in sharing would be that it would motivate some readers to slow down and reflect on the greatness that surrounds them daily.  I wanted to focus on the "normal" days where we aren't necessarily celebrating milestones or dressing up for instagram worthy events, but rather living our imperfect lives - as Mothers, working towards our goals.  Designed to document the life and love that we're blessed with (yes, even on the messy, tired and occasional off-days), I encourage you to follow suit and keep a notebook to scribble away in.  Time flies (especially with children) so this has provided a light reflection of what was happening at each step along the way for us. Today I share an updated entry on the beauty of the everyday with my one and only, Noah.    

Broadway Summer Style Challenge

Our Collective Muse recently teamed up with DeeAnn Mercier of Broadway (BBID) for a summer style challenge.  We enlisted style-queen, Kelsi Kendel to hand-pick three looks to suit DeeAnn perfectly.  They’re high on comfort, super stylish and full of local love.  Each item Kelsi chose came from Broadway merchants that we all know and adore.  We had the most enjoyable afternoon getting to know DeeAnn, shopping summer styles and shooting at some instagram-worthy Broadway locations.  It was the ideal girl's afternoon in the sun.     

Take a look at DeeAnn’s three summer ready styles. 

Taco 'Bout a Party!

Tacos, beergaritas, and churro cupcakes... what more could you ask for at a first birthday party?  After all, first birthday parties are more for the parents, am I right?  Come take a look at Bella's birthday fiesta!

Home Bar 101 - Guest Post by Suzanne Johnston

Who doesn't love having a well equipped home bar?! It's always good to be prepared at home when having guests over and I find it's nice to offer a beverage. To offer that beverage having a well stocked home bar is essential. Saskatoon's Suzanne Johnston paired up with her friends to create your very own home bar check list.  

Take a peek! 

Photos and content by Suzanne Johnston and Kathleen Crowther of Saskatoon.  

For The Love of Wine- Part Two: The Inside Scoop

Some people might call me particular, or picky, or detailed, or maybe quirky, and sometimes even refer to my silly traits as annoying, as yes, I focus on the details.  My philosophy is that if you are going to do something that you are passionate about, you do it right, so you might as well ask for what you want! These traits have always proven to be an asset in business but when I found my passion for wine, I’d have to say that my fussiness has helped me to learn how to really enjoy it and grow with it. So I’ll spend the next few minutes to give you the inside scoop.

Art Night with Remai Modern

A few weeks ago some of the OCM ladies got together at Drift Sidewalk Café & Vista Lounge (thanks Brian!) to do linocuts with Alison and Robin from Remai Modern. Remai Modern is a new museum of modern and contemporary art coming to life in Saskatoon. Chatter around the table was that doing this art just felt so good, what a release. Remai Modern will have the world’s most comprehensive collection of Picasso’s linocut prints and we were very lucky to take part of in this exciting art form and create linocuts for ourselves. Thanks to Desiree Martin Photography for the shots!


It's an honour to have Alice Kuipers stop in today on her book release blog tour. Alice, the award-winning young adult fiction author of 40 Things I Want to Tell You and Life on the Refrigerator Door, is an expert chronicler of the teenage heart, and she has now taken her work to new heights. A riveting, high-concept novel with heart, Me and Me is about what it feels like to be torn in pieces, and about finally finding out who you really are.