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Meet Genevieve Barlas, CPCP, owner, operator and permanent makeup genius at Revive Clinic in Saskatoon.  When you first meet Genevieve, you’re completely taken by her beauty and energy.  A kind soul with an incredible gift, Genevieve shares her craft and expertise locally.  

Her experience in the industry spans from over thirty years in the cosmetic and beauty industry.  Early beginnings as a student, practitioner then instructor shaped the way for mastering her passion as a permanent makeup technician. 

Read on to hear about permanent make up and why I'm so lucky to have met Genevieve!  (hint: It's been a life changer)

When I was asked to do Swinging With The Stars, I thought “hey I can do this”. I LOVE to dance- give me the opportunity to go out dancing and I am all over it - but I didn’t realize that this isn’t that kind of dancing! My partner Brenden refers to me as a ‘non-dancer’, which I try not to take offence to as I know he means it in the nicest way, but there is a really big difference from naturally moving to the music on a dance floor to actually having to have your body trained to move into a pre-choreographed position at the exact right time! 

Meet Our New Bloggers!

Since the blog began, it's been delightful to watch our readership at Our Collective Muse grow. We enjoy taking on requested topics, partnering with local businesses, exploring our various interests as we craft our posts, and getting to know people who are doing great things in our community. Beyond those benefits, the friendships formed in OCM have been something special. Today, we wish four of our dear friends much success as they continue with their many other projects-- it's not a cinch to fit everything into a busy life and we're glad to have had their contributions in OCM for as long as we did. So to Makeup Artist extraordinaire Lisa Hallam, documentary-style photographer Tammy Boehmer, Tonic guru Roxanne Woodley, and style maven Kim Davies who is now a BC girl, we wish you all good things and are going to hold you to your "guest blogger" promises! We truly love you all and miss you at meetings already.

But this isn't just a post of reflection. Born from these fond farewells springs exciting news, and that is we are welcoming four new members to OCM! These ladies are the perfect foils to our existing areas of expertise and we're sure you'll enjoy their posts ahead. From interior design and event planning to hairstyling and makeup, the skills of these girls are sure to round out the blog in a wonderful way. Please join me in welcoming the new additions to the Our Collective Muse team: Tamara Bowman, Molly Lux, Kassy Moen, and Holly Decker.

Be BOLD & Bright! Makeup Artist feature: Caitlyn Dixon & Ginette Hall

As spring is beginning to roll in, boutiques and social media are flooded with spring/summer '16 styles - as a photographer I am instantly inspired and ready to begin shooting some spring creatives, and say ciao to winter! (hopefully for good!). 

A few month back I spent a creative Sunday-Funday with Regina based makeup artists, Caitlyn Dixon & Ginette Hall in my studio here in Saskatoon. These two extremely talented artists came prepared with their creative minds racing, bold colour inspiration, and immaculate eyes for beauty.

We sit down with Kristin Pierce of The Serenity Studio to chat about her most recent teaching designation for a course called MindScape.  Kristin is a holistic healthcare entrepreneur with a fire in her eyes, who loves to spark potential and awaken awareness in her students with MindScape.

Today on the blog, meet the twelve girls behind Our Collective Muse in an about-us post that will make you crave to get dolled up in your favourite monochromatic outfit.  From photographers to make-up mavens to business owners and everything in between, each of us twelve have at least two things in common: we love the many beautiful moments that life brings, and we love working together on this blog.