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SFDF Runway Rundown: The Conferences, The Workshops, and (of course) The Shows

It's year five for the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival and this weekend's Runway event seems the perfect toast to the anniversary. Taking place at the historic Bessborough Hotel, Runway will preview collections from fifteen local designers and shops in a fashion feast that will have you holding your head up high for being even peripherally involved in the dynamic Saskatoon scene. Add to that the talents of digital artist Carrie Gates, music by The Gaff, and the ambiance of Pro Plus Productions, and you've got a spectacle. But there's more to this weekend than the big 7pm shows-- you'll also have an opportunity to shop the designers' wares via a pop-up shop called Marketplace. And perhaps most exciting for all you do-ers out there are the amazing talks and workshops running that feature some top names in the biz with topics like branding, communications and marketing, merchandising, styling, photography, modeling, and design. This is a truly immersive festival that can either simply entertain you (which is great, bring on the fun!) or offer education in the exciting and vast career field of style (also great, bring on the opportunities!). So without further ado, here is the complete rundown of the upcoming SFDF weekend, all taking place at the beautiful Delta Bessborough Hotel.    

Why You Totally Need to Join a Local Buy & Sell Group

I've always enjoyed hunting for bargains and have never one to hold onto things I would never use again, so until recently, Kijiji was my jam. From little finds like musical instruments and boots to bigger investments like cars and furniture, Kijiji served me as well as I thought possible for a free site. Of course, my experiences were much like anyone's who uses a fairly anonymous buy-and-sell like Kijiji or Craigslist: mixed. Sure, I sold and bought a few things but mostly there were a lot of crazy lowballers, a couple clear scam artists, a few people who wanted to trade me oddities for my items (Will I trade pimped-out rims and a car stereo for my motorcycle? Hm, sounds stolen! Not to mention I don't want it.), and a lot of no shows. Often, I'd wait ages for someone only to get a message two days later that they'd been in a car accident or other such catastrophic event. Either being a Kijiji buyer somehow puts one in a higher risk bracket or at least a few of those people were lying. So when a neighbor told me about our local Buy & Sell on Facebook, I clicked the "request to join" button pretty quick. And as it turns out, there are more reasons to love a Facebook-based local Buy & Sell than simply getting off Kijiji.

Don't forget to check out the 2nd Ave Sidewalk Sale!  Thursday, Friday & Saturday! Lots of deal and lots of people to see!

 The 2nd Ave sidewalk sale is a staple of Saskatoon's festive summer season and one of the busiest retail weekends of the year. The sale draws in thousands into our vibrant downtown and provides the backdrop for three says of fun in the heart of the city. 

If you need shoes... and you like them on sale... this is your place. My little guy and I walked around for a few hours today checking out the deals and totally enjoyed the ambiance and all the amazing food trucks. If you're looking for something to do this Friday night everything is open till 9:00 pm and open Friday & Saturday  9:30-5:30!

Make sure you check it out!

I recently caught up with Two Fifty Two Boutique and was lucky enough to photograph their latest styles for an upcoming article in Refined Magazine.  Since then they were awarded two SABEX Awards~ Best in Customer Service and New Business Venture. I always love a good local business success story and Two Fifty Two defines just that. Local Success. 

Images and content by Lisa Landrie  A Photogenic Life


My Maternity Style (Part 1)

'Dressing the bump' was something I eagerly anticipated in the early months of my pregnancy. I looked forward to my bump finally 'popping' and all the cute ways to style it.  Now that I have less than a month of pregnancy to go, the task is becoming a little less fun and a little more challenging.  Keep reading to find out more about my maternity style.

Thrift Like A Pro: Kid Style Edition

If you've got a child, chances are, you buy a lot of clothing. Kids grow fast. They get dirty fast. And, let's face it, it's really fun to dress them up. So with all the adorable things fresh to shops each season, why do I suggest you make thrifting a part of your shopping habits? Well, aside from the obvious savings you'll enjoy, thrift shopping is an environmentally positive choice to make since the manufacturing and transportation of new clothes are big resource-drainers (and sure, I shop at BabyGap, but I like to think there's a balance!). And unlike traditional stores, second-hand shopping means you can be sure the garments you choose will wear well... because they've already been worn. It's also a way to find a wider variety of colours since clothing stores base their palettes on current trends, and it offers a lesser chance of three other kids wearing the same outfit to a birthday party. And speaking of colours, shopping is a great way to let your child explore texture and patterns whether you're just showing and telling your newborn about each piece or getting your one-year-old to point out a specific colour in a grouping. As I never tire of telling my husband, it's not just shopping, it's an educational opportunity!

Plus, these three outfit flatlays cost $40 total and I nabbed them in one fell swoop. Impressive, right? You can do it, too. (I like to spend the savings on great local finds-- my faves of which you can check out in THIS blog I wrote not so long ago.) Here are my tips as you navigate the world of shopping second-hand.