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I was lucky enough to photograph the lovely Renee Kolhman - Star Pheonix's very own food writer and she happens to have a very cool blog called "sweet sugar bean." 

Funny enough we met years ago following each other on instagram and by chance ended up meeting randomly in person when she worked at a local Cafe in Saskatoon. We've stayed in touch ever since. 

She has a cookbook on the horizon filled with her very favorites… and I am soooo excited to share a little question and answer period well as a delicious cookie recipe! 


Images by Lisa Landrie - A Photogenic Life

Homemade Churros

The night started out with myself and bestie/blogmate Kelsi just wanting to have a fun girls night on some "netflix and chill" level. Next thing I know we were looking online for something delicious to cook up.  Churros have always been a fav dessert (coming from a non-dessert type gal), but it's something I never thought of making myself.  Turns out they aren't as complicated as one might think, and for our first time they ended up pretty delicious. What a great party snack! We looked at several recipes online and made some tweaks with what we had and went from there. (including a chocolate/nutella dip!) *cue drooling*