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I consider myself a lover of food. Thank goodness I don't have any gluten allergies… although if I did, I may just suffer through it in order to live up to my "I can eat whatever I want" lifestyle.  I can "techincally" eat whatever want…but I eat wholesome foods, with good quality ingredients and I love paying attention to detail, making my food look photogenic and enjoying every morsel. 

I do enjoy going out for lunches… but it also gives me extreme happiness to prepare a lunch at home. Introducing my simple sandwich.

All images by none other than myself and my trusty tripod… Lisa Landrie - A Photogenic Life

Don't you just love how good you feel after a day of healthy eating, a good sleep and a good sweat? Me, too! But there is so much information out there about 'what to eat' that it can become overwhelming. Opinions of naturopaths, holistic nutritionists and most integrated health experts align with one simple truth...good nutrition is foundational to health (and poor nutrition can trigger disease/illness).