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Thrift Like A Pro: Kid Style Edition

If you've got a child, chances are, you buy a lot of clothing. Kids grow fast. They get dirty fast. And, let's face it, it's really fun to dress them up. So with all the adorable things fresh to shops each season, why do I suggest you make thrifting a part of your shopping habits? Well, aside from the obvious savings you'll enjoy, thrift shopping is an environmentally positive choice to make since the manufacturing and transportation of new clothes are big resource-drainers (and sure, I shop at BabyGap, but I like to think there's a balance!). And unlike traditional stores, second-hand shopping means you can be sure the garments you choose will wear well... because they've already been worn. It's also a way to find a wider variety of colours since clothing stores base their palettes on current trends, and it offers a lesser chance of three other kids wearing the same outfit to a birthday party. And speaking of colours, shopping is a great way to let your child explore texture and patterns whether you're just showing and telling your newborn about each piece or getting your one-year-old to point out a specific colour in a grouping. As I never tire of telling my husband, it's not just shopping, it's an educational opportunity!

Plus, these three outfit flatlays cost $40 total and I nabbed them in one fell swoop. Impressive, right? You can do it, too. (I like to spend the savings on great local finds-- my faves of which you can check out in THIS blog I wrote not so long ago.) Here are my tips as you navigate the world of shopping second-hand. 

I wouldn't consider myself "cheap" because I certainly know what I think is important to splurge on. I love good deals and I love splurging on certain things too… So I think I give myself the best of both worlds when shopping and decorating. 

And now that I've been awarded this task of decorating my "soon to be" babies room… I was excited to give myself a little challenge to decorate it without breaking the bank…. because lets face it, having your first baby you might have the tendency to think you have to go to town and buy all new, buy the best and to just simply have the latest & greatest. This is not the case my friends! 

We have a saying sometimes used in our household and that happens to be… "Work with what you have…"

Check out my take on decorating a babies on a budget….(but not a strict budget by any means)

Photo creds go to moi... A photogenic life. 

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All images by the wonderful Tammy from Boehmer Photography.

Art Direction, location & model Lisa Landrie - A Photogenic Life