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Tour Through the Closet of a 19th Century Lady

If you were ever a schoolchild in Saskatoon, you may have toured the Marr Residence. Located at 326 11th Street East ever since it was built in 1884, the Marr is the oldest unmoved house in the city and, since 1979 when it was restored by the City of Saskatoon, it has served as a time capsule of late 19th Century domestic life. Throughout the year, the Marr hosts special immersive events, one of which is a historical romp through the period's wardrobe with an optional participation component for Victorian sewing enthusiasts. This event is hosted on three dates (one past, the next two being May 1 & May 31)  by seamstress extraordinaire and my own high school alum, Taran Meyer... whom I promptly messaged for a little behind the scenes tour. So join me wherever you are, Reader, on this trip back in time. 

Blame it on Mad Men or a long-line of Scandinavians in my family...but I love a good cocktail. I like a drink with bite. The gimlet is a cocktail made of gin and lime juice, served straight or on the rocks. The basil gimlet is sweet, tart and refreshing with a hint of mint and anise from the basil. It's wonderful for pre-dinner cocktails, a warm summer night on the deck or a cozy conversation by the fireplace. Want to learn how to make it?