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Hey ya'll. It's Erin. Today I wanted to get real. I wanted to share a little bit of my honest feels lately - which I know we all go through in some capacity in our lives. From struggles to motivation to feeling totally rockin' awesome - life and creativity as an entrepreneur is a constant roller coaster ride. It's fun and exhilarating, but also terrifying and out of control at times.

Kiddo (and Keto) approved 5 minute treat.

In the midst of planning my upcoming June wedding, at times it feels hard to keep my head on straight with all the things I want to accomplish. I've found that balancing family, my business, nutrition, health, school, dance, and a bazillion DIY projects can be a little daunting. Even when things are busy, I focus on keeping my diet clean using fresh nourishing ingredients - even when it comes to treats.

Morning Person

Like most people, Lisa Dutton has a Monday to Friday job. The big dif? Her weekdays begin at 3:30 a.m. and her work hours are spent, for the most part, on camera. Perhaps as you're getting ready in the morning, you spend some time with her, too. As Global Morning's anchor here in Saskatoon, Lisa delivers the news and the local 4-1-1 with down-to-earth sincerity and a quirky, quick sense of humour that defies the early hours. You guys, she makes 6 a.m. look glamorous and fun. I had to know: IS IT? I mean, what else would make someone choose that nutty schedule? But then again, how could Lisa feel zero jealousy seeing her husband and their two little boys happily sawing logs as she tiptoes off to work? And what ridiculous bedtime would she have to set to get enough REM in? The whole thing fascinated me. So I asked Lisa if my blogmate Jocelyn and I could shadow her for a morning (Joc specializes in documentary-style captures) and because she's the best sport ever, she said yes. And that is how we ended up in Lisa Dutton's bedroom at a time I'd previously considered 'night'.

Sunday Fun Day

It's Sunday fun day!  Time to get together with two of my favourite beauty creative minds and have some fun with makeup, hair, and photography!   Karyn Kimberely is one of my absolute favourites to shoot beauty with and Kassy Moen of Capelli Salon Studio is a hair genius. We just click.  You know the kind where they can just do them and I do me?  Yep they are the best.