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A New Gallery in Town

Bohéme Art Gallery celebrated their grand opening on November 3rd and 4th in Saskatoon. Our own Susan Busse was their publicist and helped them get all kinds of local media attention. She just LOVES the arts! So we wanted to share this one with you because if you haven't been there yet, go. The art is beautiful and vibrant and happy! Admission is free and all pieces are available for purchase. Find Saskatoon's newest full-service art gallery, Bohème, at 615B Main Street Tues-Saturday 11am-5pm

CREATE.SHARE.INSPIRE. // ups & downs in the creative world

Hey ya'll. It's Erin. Today I wanted to get real. I wanted to share a little bit of my honest feels lately - which I know we all go through in some capacity in our lives. From struggles to motivation to feeling totally rockin' awesome - life and creativity as an entrepreneur is a constant roller coaster ride. It's fun and exhilarating, but also terrifying and out of control at times.

My Time is Naptime

Ohhhh naptime: I didn't always get you, I claimed I didn't need you, but now I never want to let you go. My two-year-old Petra wasn't a sleeper from the start, her naps only taking place in a Moby or while she nursed (I had no idea sleep-eating was a thing until I saw it with my own eyes) and her beautiful bassinette wasn't used for more than five minutes since even a hot water bottle, sleep sack, and white noise machine could not convince her she was still safe in a womb. Instead, Petra slept with my husband and me, matching her bedtime and waking time to mine. At the time, having an ever-awake baby wasn't a big deal since I'd been able and willing to clear my schedule to stay home and, hey, it gave us more time together to experience books, music, nature, and each other. But here's the thing: now she naps. Not every day, mind you, but most days she naps. And I AM LOVING IT. It's my time, all of it! (Fine, the first ten minutes are spent frantically tidying up from the morning.) But then... I write.

Need a change?

It's hard to believe now because anyone who knows me knows how excited I am about my career...but about 10 years ago, despite a fantastic education (B.Comm), and a solid career path in sales, finance, and real estate-backed investments, I was completely miserable in my work. Like crying in the parking lot as I forced myself to go into the office again. Regularly.

If you are a local to YXE and have never been out to Wanuskewin Heritage Park just outside of the city you are missing out!  I have to admit, it was my first winter visit!  I usually head out there in the warmer seasons to stroll and enjoy the land and history most often with a dance performance or special event/tour.  My friend Ally posted that she was signing up for a FREE workshop (supplies included) to make moss bags.  I called IMMEDIATELY to sign up with her, and I'm so glad I jumped on it because the class filled in one day as soon as registration opened up.  Ally and I are both expecting babies and figured a day out at Wanuskewin crafting some moss bags for our babes sounded like a perfect day!  Add on a cafeteria with delicious lunch options and a performance following the class with some local dancers and our day was complete!  Read on to enjoy our visit and find out more about their upcoming FREE class schedule!

Meet Phoenix Laurén

Ever since we started Our Collective Muse, I have wanted to do a blog post on my friend Kaitlin, better known as Phoenix Laurén.  Quite simply, she is one of the coolest people I know.  She is a singer, songwriter, fashionista, artist, and the best part, she is from Saskatoon!  She recently moved out to Vancouver to pursue her dreams. We caught up for a visit while I was in Van this summer, and Kaitlin showed me around the city.  Keep reading to get to know Phoenix.