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Meet Our New Bloggers!

Since the blog began, it's been delightful to watch our readership at Our Collective Muse grow. We enjoy taking on requested topics, partnering with local businesses, exploring our various interests as we craft our posts, and getting to know people who are doing great things in our community. Beyond those benefits, the friendships formed in OCM have been something special. Today, we wish four of our dear friends much success as they continue with their many other projects-- it's not a cinch to fit everything into a busy life and we're glad to have had their contributions in OCM for as long as we did. So to Makeup Artist extraordinaire Lisa Hallam, documentary-style photographer Tammy Boehmer, Tonic guru Roxanne Woodley, and style maven Kim Davies who is now a BC girl, we wish you all good things and are going to hold you to your "guest blogger" promises! We truly love you all and miss you at meetings already.

But this isn't just a post of reflection. Born from these fond farewells springs exciting news, and that is we are welcoming four new members to OCM! These ladies are the perfect foils to our existing areas of expertise and we're sure you'll enjoy their posts ahead. From interior design and event planning to hairstyling and makeup, the skills of these girls are sure to round out the blog in a wonderful way. Please join me in welcoming the new additions to the Our Collective Muse team: Tamara Bowman, Molly Lux, Kassy Moen, and Holly Decker.

Good Day, Good Times with Singer Brooklyn Roebuck

Meet Brooklyn Roebuck, a seventeen-year-old with the rare kind of voice that does justice to national anthems and whose genuine smile and ease makes a fan for life out of every kid lined up to meet her after a show. At literally half my age (argh, I know!), Brooklyn already has performance experience like mad under her belt, not to mention the title of Winner of YTV's The Next Star Season 5, plus subsequent singles and music videos she made under that contract. Her talents also extend beyond the stage into songwriting, to which I can personally attest, having co-written a song called "Tongue Tied" a few weeks ago with her and my brother, S.J. Kardash at his Full Color Recording Studios. And it is that triple threat of style, vocal ability, and assuredness in songwriting that has me convinced that Brooklyn could just be Canada's answer to Taylor Swift.  

It seems like only a moment ago that we twelve ladies sat around a kitchen table, drinking wine and brainstorming names for the blog we planned to launch. Contenders In Like A Lion and She Curates were outvoted by Our Collective Muse, a name that we hoped would summarize our mission to share the beautiful and interesting bits of life each of us would post as part of the group. Somehow, a whole year has sped by since the launch and so much has happened since. From TV appearances to posts that gained more traction than we could have guessed, it's an amazing and humbling experience for us all to be members of something that's bigger than the sum of its parts. So thanks to you, dear reader, for being a part of this journey and we hope you'll enjoy today's truly collaborative post as we twelve reflect on how this all started, what we've learned and loved, and what you can expect to see in the future here on Our Collective Muse.