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Jazz has never been so elegant. An interview with Tatrina Tai

I have had the pleasure of not only hiring Tatrina for some of my largest events, but she has quickly become one of my very good friends. She is crazzzzzy talented. She can sing in English, French, Italian, Spanish German and Latin, is easily one of the nicest and welcoming people I have ever met, and has the most beautiful family. Check out my interview with the beautiful Tatrina Tai! Thank you to Karyn Kimberly for the photos! For more information check out Tatrina's website HERE.

Don't forget to check out the 2nd Ave Sidewalk Sale!  Thursday, Friday & Saturday! Lots of deal and lots of people to see!

 The 2nd Ave sidewalk sale is a staple of Saskatoon's festive summer season and one of the busiest retail weekends of the year. The sale draws in thousands into our vibrant downtown and provides the backdrop for three says of fun in the heart of the city. 

If you need shoes... and you like them on sale... this is your place. My little guy and I walked around for a few hours today checking out the deals and totally enjoyed the ambiance and all the amazing food trucks. If you're looking for something to do this Friday night everything is open till 9:00 pm and open Friday & Saturday  9:30-5:30!

Make sure you check it out!

What's Your Favourite JazzFest Memory?

The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is celebrating their 30th anniversary and when you consider that this year alone, there are over 140+ ticketed and free shows, you bet the Festival has brought a lot of music to this city over the years! To celebrate, we're sharing our favourite JazzFest memories with you and we want to hear yours. Tell us your favourite show or JazzFest moment via the blog comments, on our Facebook page, or on our Instagram feed, and you'll be entered to win tickets to City And Colour, courtesy the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. 

The New Alternative Music

When I was in high school, "alternative" was the title for what became the most popular genre of music, boasting big names like Green Day and Nirvana. Though the movement was born from a backlash against manufactured bands, the music became so mainstream, the straightfaced joke was to ask "alternative to what?" Only recently has the "alternative" label has regained its intended connotation and again describes music that doesn't intend to reach a mass audience. From alt-country XM Sirius stations to jazz playlists on Spotify, alternatives are easy to reach and you can delve into obscurity within any genre that intrigues you, stumbling onto new sounds to satisfy your evolving taste. But the very best way to find fresh music is to be guided by experts, which is what Ritornello Chamber Music Festival promises to do for you this coming weekend. Classical is already an "alternative" for many music fans, but even those of us who grew up playing orchestrally or enjoy CBC Radio's Tempo can't keep up with the vast catalogue of pieces so Ritornello offers an exploratory dive into the genre that is (to steal their tagline) "fresh, homegrown, inspired, and original". Sounds fun, right? It is! I caught up with Festival Co-Director Jacqueline Woods to find out what we can expect at this year's festival and why she's convinced that choosing alternatives makes life exciting.  

All About That Swag

I've written before of my love for Move N Soar's baby and toddler classes so you can imagine I was sad for my 11-week session to wind down. Luckily, the blow was softened with a sweet swag bag. I thought I'd share the fun of opening said swag bag with you because these goodie bags for mommies (and daddies) are now a thing when you complete a session... and who doesn't love free stuff?  So though next session won't be a carbon copy (and they're age-appropriate & I chose the 'baby' one), it'll give you an idea of what to expect. Here's a peek at the goodies I got!