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When I first wrote about WRKSHP Creative's first event, it was still upcoming and although I knew it would be beautiful, it deserves a visual recap to fully express why you ought to book your spot for this weekend's encore flower crown workshop at Tonic. The crowns we made were divine, the drinks were delish, the treats tasted as fantastic as they looked, and no detail was overlooked (as you'll see). Apart from aesthetics, one of the most wonderful aspects was spending time with women who I felt I *should* have known before-- people who are doing great things in the community and with similar interests to me. It was a joy to learn a little about them and enjoy the afternoon together. Not a wonder there's a second chance at this event, but it'll fill up quick so get your ticket already! Here's a peek at the prettiness and a couple more glowing reviews of the event from OCM's Kelsi and Desiree. 

Galentine's Day Flower Crown Workshop: The Debut Event by WRKSHP Creative

Do you love pretty things, getting crafty, and cheersing with girlfriends? ME, TOO. Hence my enthusiasm for photographer and OCM girl Karyn Kimberley’s new venture with Crystal from Love & Lace: it’s called WRKSHP Creative and their first event is the afternoon of February 12th. “Galentine’s Day” is a stylised event (think Pinterest sprung to life) where you’ll create a dreamy flower crown with professional materials and instruction from Twig & Bloom, enjoy some sweet treats, and get in on the loveliest of photobooth fun, all while sipping a signature cocktail. Oh, and did I mention the Galentine’s Day event is taking place at Thrive Juice Co.? If there’s anything I like more than a cocktail, it’s one that’s made with fresh, cold-pressed Thrive Juice. And that’s not all the afternoon has to offer! I’ve got more to share so read on, meet the girls behind the elevated crafting night concept of WRKSHP... and find out how one lucky @wrkshp.creative follower can win a golden ticket to this most Instagram-worthy event.

When I was asked to do Swinging With The Stars, I thought “hey I can do this”. I LOVE to dance- give me the opportunity to go out dancing and I am all over it - but I didn’t realize that this isn’t that kind of dancing! My partner Brenden refers to me as a ‘non-dancer’, which I try not to take offence to as I know he means it in the nicest way, but there is a really big difference from naturally moving to the music on a dance floor to actually having to have your body trained to move into a pre-choreographed position at the exact right time!