All in Goal Setting

Balancing Fitness & Health with Motherhood & Career

I love being a mom and I love being a woman in business and I have found over the years, that I have struggled to find balance. I have also found less time for creating the healthiest meals for my family while trying to feed picky eaters and also getting myself to the gym seemed to take a back seat to all my other priorities. I have to admit as well, that I am not the most athletic girl and I really didn't know what to do at the gym. I have tried many things and all of them were great but what I was missing I knew could only come from getting really committed and consistent to a change!

A New Take on Goal Setting

I was first introduced to Jolene Watson of Clarity Coaching &  Development when my husband and I did a couples personality test + love language workshop. Jolene worked with us one evening and I now understand why Brent can't multitask or why I can't "visualize" our future like he can. And why I need a step by step plan for everything and that sort of thinking drive him crazy. It's because our personalities are just wired that way! It's a super cool workshop that I highly recommend you taking!